What is Insurance Claim, Insurance Policy ?

Life Insurance - What is Insurance Claim, Insurance Policy ? The policy period comprises the dates on which the coverage begins and ends. The standard form of liability policy covers only injuries and damages that you (or an authorized employee) come to know about within the policy period. The policy covers personal and advertising injury only when the offense was committed during the policy period.

If there are further developments regarding a bodily injury or property damage that first becomes known to you and about which you give notice to your insurer during the policy period, that insurer continues on that claim beyond the policy period.

For example, Mae Hoover, a customer, sues you after she slips on ice in your parking lot and breaks a wrist. You turn the suit over to your insurer, OHE Insurance. A few months later, you change your liability  insurance policy to AXO Insurance. A month after you go with AXO, Mae amends her original lawsuit. 

She now contends that her wrist has not healed properly and seeks additional medical payments for the cost of surgery and higher damages for her lost income, expenses to her family because of her injury and for pain and suffering. Even though OHE is no longer your liability insurer, Mae’s claim and the new developments continue to be handled by OHE, the insurer who handled the claim at the time it originally occurred.

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The limits of your coverage are set forth in your policy "Declarations." The insurance policy describes how the limits will be applied. The amounts are the most the insurer will pay, regardless of the number of persons or organizations making claims or bringing suits against you.

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