Comprehensive Insurance is a critical type of car insurance

Life Insurance - Comprehensive Insurance is a critical type of car insurance
Comprehensive Insurance: is a critical type of car insurance to protect your vehicle however it is almost never required by law. The logic behind this is having comprehensive car insurance is more of a self-insurance rather than coverage to protect other drivers.

Comprehensive car insurance provides coverage for items such as car theft, storm damage, key scratching and items which cause damage to the car and contents inside.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP):  An optional policy feature or rider (one which most states DO NOT require but every vehicle owner should consider) is Personal Injury Protection (PIP). Personal Injury Protection provides insurance coverage to pay hospital bills relating to a car accident for the policyholder.

Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UIM): Due to the overwhelming number of uninsured and underinsured drivers on the road many states have car insurance laws requiring all drivers to have some form of UIM coverage.

This type of car insurance kicks in when you are involved in a car accident where the party at fault does not have any or enough insurance coverage to cover the costs associated with the acciden
Missouri law requires that all motor vehicle owners maintain some type of motor vehicle liability insurance coverage.

Missouri residents are required to show proof of insurance when registering a motor vehicle or renewing their license plates. All motor vehicle owners must also keep proof of insurance in their vehicle(s). If a law enforcement officer asks for proof of insurance and the driver cannot show it, the officer may issue both the driver and the owner a ticket. 

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At any time during the period of vehicle registration in Missouri, the Driver License Bureau may request that a vehicle owner show proof of insurance.  If the vehicle owner cannot provide proof of insurance, a driver license suspension is imposed.

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