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Life Insurance - Type Of Car InsuranceThese types of car insurance make up almost every car insurance policy available however many optional riders like GAP Car Insurance, Rental Car Coverage, Medical Payments, Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Coverage and more are available. Take our Free Car Insurance 101 course here . 

Some states only require liability damage while others require PIP, UIM and more. It is worthwhile to note when consumers lease or finance a car your lender will surely require much higher limits of coverage than the minimum state requirements.

Leasing a car in particular as the leasing company is not just a lien holder but the actual owner of the car so they require much higher protection than state minimum requirements.

Saving money on car insurance is really nothing more than a common sense 3-step process however many drivers never spend the time to compare. Before choosing any car insurance company make sure you Learn, Question and Compare.

Read about car insurance and understand the policy elements and terms including items like GAP insurance, rental car coverage and personal injury liability – Basically understanding what kind of coverage you are buying before you need to submit a claim. We estimate somewhere over 80% of car insurance customers have NEVER read their car insurance policy.

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Ask about car insurance discounts, look for recommendations of car insurance companies by friends, ask local car dealerships – get answers to all your questions and built up a resume of requirements from any potential car insurance company before you call around looking for quotes.

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