2 Car Insurance Companies Make Up The Largest Market Share

Life Insurance2 Car Insurance Companies Make Up The Largest Market ShareAre you comparing car insurance companies and need to make a decision between Allstate and State Farm?
These 2 car insurance companies make up the largest market share for auto insurance policies nationwide so which company is better?There are a number of ways to make a choice about what car insurance company to use but first you should learn about each company.

2 Car Insurance Companies Make Up The Largest Market Share

Allstate is a publicly traded company and currently the largest one who provides personal insurance products. Backed by over $125 Billion in assets and 70,000 + employees Allstate has a tremendous local presence through employees and agencies who support Allstate car insurance policies and claims.

Allstate also offers a much wider product line of insurance products than State Farm meaning your eligibility to take advantage of multi-policy discounts may be greater with Allstate depending on what types of policies you have and what state the insured property is located. Allstate has a sterling reputation for claims handling with many drive-thru claims offices located nationwide.

State Farm is the largest car insurance company in the US, a Fortune 500 company (#34) and maintains over 70% of their portfolio strictly to car insurance policies so an added bonus may be provided to State Farm for this single focus on auto insurance. However when it comes to premiums some consumers report State Farm car insurance rates and higher than competitive companies and some consumers even complain about State Farm dropping coverage without notice. This is not a good way to do business as a driver could easily have their license suspended without knowledge in many states.

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” Both companies have embraced the use of technology to provide customers with online policy management tools, iPhone Apps and more “

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