Choice For Office Products Insurance

Life Insurance - An office is the primary or only premises for numerous types of small businesses, including, for example, employment, travel, collection, insurance, advertising and other agencies. Electronic equipment and data are vital to the operations of most such businesses insurance . They also have the risk of lawsuits from disgruntled clients or customers.

Choice For Office Products Insurance
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For many office-based businesses, the most cost effective and efficient way to obtain property and liability coverage is with a Businessowners Policy (BOP) especially tailored to business offices and, in many cases, offices for a specific industry. Though marketed under a variety of names, these policies typically have provisions similar to the property insurance and liability insurance sections of the BOP, with the option to add various other coverages that you may need.

The BOP includes as part of the basic policy two types of coverage related to electronic data. Computer Operations Interruption Coverage pays for business income lost and extra expenses incurred as a result of many computer problems. Electronic Data Loss Coverage pays the cost to replace or restore electronic data destroyed or damaged as the result of causes of loss named in the policy. These include a computer virus or harmful code. For more coverage there are several endorsements you can choose to add to your BOP. You should discuss what electronic data your business uses with your insurance agent to assure you have the right coverages.

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One coverage that can be vital to your company’s survival in case of disaster is Business Income and Extra Expense Insurance (also known as Business Interruption Insurance). Business Interruption Insurance helps pay ongoing expenses while your business is unable to function after a loss and also helps make up for lost profits. Extra Expense Coverage helps you recover as quickly as possible by paying extras expenses caused by the loss—such as rent for temporary quarters. This coverage may be included in your package policy or it may be an optional addition.

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